Rotomoulding Tooling

Molds for Rotational Molding are normally manufactured from light weight aluminum, steel, stainless steel or even brass. Rotomolding Tooling is commonly made by methods of fabrication, casting or also machining. Some Rotomolding leaders have established the ability to construct hybrid tooling which permits various intricate components and also in some scenarios, allows for quicker turnaround times. Rotomolding tools are necessary to produce actual rotationally molded items. You can prototype Rotomolded products via different means and methods of production, yet to prototype a real rotomolded product, you will certainly have to be build the required tooling. The benefit to this is that in contrast to the most common plastic producing processes, Rotomolding tooling is usually a fraction of injection or blow molding molds. At times to the point that Rotational Molding may be an appealing choice to do product testing in a market prior to mass production.

Rotational Molding Tooling Being Fabricated
The beginnings of a new fabricatedRotational Mold

Rotomolded Tooling, is one of the essential intial capital investments that is needed to produce a Rotationally Molded item. Today's leading Custom Rotational Molding companies are generally required to have in house tooling facilities and also the ability to repair rotomolding tools in effort to maintain their customers production going, requiring running molds as well as to be able to provide new tooling to existing and brand new clients with brand-new tooling. Regrettably for a number of Rotational Molding companies, they do not not provide in house rotational mold tooling maintenance, nor do they construct rotomold tooling in house. Therefore when your tooling cracks, frame work breaks or the parting line gets damaged, not only are your products/components out of manufacturing, your project can be delayed and taken from production for months! Rotomolding Companies without in house tooling shops or repair facilities will certainly have to send your tooling out to another shop to fix. Costing you lost time in development, a decrease in production, a reduction of sales as well as ultimately a loss of profits! Do not risk your business or your customer relationships to such! The costs for Rotomolding tools are usually affordable among the majority of top-notch molders, yet some still risk their business on bad tooling with many problems! Rotomolding tooling is generally no different compared to a lot of additional things in life, you get what you you pay for!

Rotational Mold Shop Tooling in Progress
Component being fabricated for a complex fabricated Rotational Mold
Rotational Mold Shop Tooling in Progress
Very intricate half of a very large rotomold tool
Rotational Mold Shop Tooling in Progress
A new nearly complete Rotational Molding Tool/Mold

Granger ISS Shelter Mold Bottom
Tornado Shelter mold built by Granger Plastics

The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter mold is a great example of a high quality mold that required lots of innovation and design to accomplish its goals. A number of trade secrets help manufacture the Granger ISS, but the mold is consistently in production and has undergone a number of moldifications even. It's the heavy duty framework and the heavy duty clamps that make one of the biggest differences in rotational molds being manufactured and parts being produced by Granger Plastics.

Granger ISS Being Pulled From Rotational Mold

The picture above displays the inner plug of the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter mold being pulled. This is probaby the most integral part of the monsterous 3 piece tooling. Also notice the high quality mirror polish finish on the plug of the Tornado Shelter tooling. This allows for a very nice high polished inside surface on the finished product. The tooling for the Granger ISS is probably one of the most intricately designed Rotational Molds in the industry, also while potentially being one of the most expensive. Granger Plastics has performed some pretty astonishing feats inside of its mold shop and metals fabrications departments .

Bottom of Mold
Bottom of Extremely Large Fabricated Rotational Mold by Granger Plastics

The Granger Plastics Mold Shop Difference
Granger Aerospace LD 2 Mold
Granger Aerospace LD2 Mold Completed. Notice the heavy duty clamps and heavy duty tubing.
Granger Aerospace LD 2 Mold
Internal Surface of the completed Granger Aerospace LD 2 Mold
Granger Aerospace LD 2 Mold
Heavy Duty Frame Work and Clamps on Completed Granger Aerospace ULD 2 Mold

Good quality Rotomolding tools or molds are built with heavy duty frame work, this helps keep the tooling in good shape and allows the tooling to maintain significantly better than tooling with thin gauge tubing and light weight clamps. Heavy Duty clamps will go miles further in the long run and keep your tooling running and in better shape overall.

Poor Condition Rotational Molds Poor Condition Rotational Molds
Refurbished Rotational Mold
Existing Tooling Sent in By Granger Customer; tooling nearly ruined by previous molder
Tool after complete rebuilt and refurbished by Granger Plastics Mold Shop

If your tooling is fabricated by Granger Plastics Mold Shop, another advantage is that as long as your tooling is in production at Granger Plastics or a Granger Industries Facility, Granger Plastics will maintain your tooling free of charge. While most other most mold shops will nickel and dime you to death over your tooling expenses such as clamp replacements, sandblasting, mounting plates, small weld repairs, some molders will even charge to store your tooling! Granger Plastics wants your tools in production, producing quality products for you to satisfy your customers, thus making it a prosperous and beneficial relationship for all of us.

Rotational Molding Mold Shop Video


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